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Belton, Bell County, Texas

​Images of Modern America -  BELL COUNTY [TEXAS] published in 2015.  The establishment of Fort Hood during World War II ushered in a period of rapid progress for Bell County.  Its predominately agrarian identity was transformed into a modern, multidimensional economy focused on defense, health care, education, transportation, and heritage tourism.  Beginning in the 1960s, the county experienced a population shift to the suburbs, and its numbers tripled, from 94,097 in 1960 to 310,235 in 2010.  The Centroplex of Killeen, Belton, and Temple is one of the fastest-growing regions in Texas.  In 2014,  Killeen ranked 18th in the nation for growth.  US News & World Report ranked Baylor Scott & White Hospital in Temple 10th among Texas hospitals for 2014–2015.  Today, the culturally diverse population respects its history and anticipates a bright future for the county.  Paperback, 96 pages.  Available online, and at local book stores (ask about availability and price). 

Images of America - TEMPLE  [TEXAS] published in 2010.  We included photographs that illustrate the transformation of Temple from "Prairie Queen" to the progressive city it is today.  Photographs were gathered from the archives of Temple Public Library, Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum, and private collections.  Paperback, 127 pages.  Available online,, and at local book stores (ask about availability and price).

Volume 3 - "Temple" published December 2008 explores the history of Temple from the time the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railroad first established the little town on the prairie in 1881 through years of growth to the much larger and progressive city of the 1950s.  We spent more than 12 years researching, collecting, and compiling information from newspapers, personal letters, Bibles, ledgers, court records, city directories, and oral interviews.  Much of our archival research was conducted at major universities throughout Texas and at the National Archives. This information and more than 400 photographs of local residents, events, and documents are used to tell the story of the town and its residents.  Hardback, 293 pages, all name index, place index.  $50.00 plus postage.  Contact us for information 

Volume 2 - "Hillcrest Cemetery" published in 2007 includes a history of the cemetery and tombstone and biographical information collected from local newspapers, family genealogies, court records (deed, probate, birth, marriage and death records, civil and criminal records), pictures and personal papers. Hardback, 507 pages, all name index, place index. $50.00 plus postage. Contact us for information 

Volume 1 - "South Belton Cemetery" published in 2006 and is currently out of print. The book provides a glimpse of life and death in early Bell County. Information collected from the South Belton Cemetery grave markers is augmented with information from local newspapers, deeds, wills, marriage records, pictures and personal papers. Hardback, 92 pages. Please let us know if you are interested in purchasing a copy of this book as we are considering a second printing.  Contact us for information 

Texas Masonic Deaths with Selected Biographical Sketches published 1998.  Information from Grand Lodge annual reports published for the years 1858 through 1882 is the basis for this book.  Organized in three parts, part one is Deaths Reported in Lodge Records, part two is Biographical Sketches of many of the Masons mentioned in part one, and part three is additional information, including an article "Petition for First Lodge in Texas".  Paperback, 203 pages, surname index. 

Miscellaneous Texas Newspaper Abstracts - Deaths, Volume 2 published 1997.  This volume contains abstracts of deaths or implied deaths from 44 newspapers originally published in Texas during the years 1839 through 1881.  Included is a German newspaper, New Braunfelser Zietung, published in New Braunfels, that has been translated into English.  Paperback, 455 pages, surname index. 

Miscellaneous Alabama Newspaper Abstracts, Volume 2 published 1996.  The newspapers abstracted for this volume were originally published in counties of middle and southern Alabama during the years 1821 through 1877.  The items abstracted include business advertisements, runaway slave notices, divorce notices, legal notices, lists of letters remaining unclaimed during the early 1820's in the local post offices of many towns, marriage notices, advertisements for sale of land, queries on whereabouts of family members, obituaries and tributes of respect, and names of doctors in Alabama, by county, in 1825.  Paperback, 352 pages, surname index, slave name index.

The Southern Argus published 1996.  Abstracted for this volume were deaths, implied deaths, accidents, illnesses, and murders, which occurred from June 1869 through June 1874.  Paperback, 410 pages, surname index. 

Miscellaneous Texas Newspaper Abstracts - Deaths, Volume 1 published 1995.  This volume includes abstracts from 40 different newspapers.  While Texas is the focus of the majority of the death notices, there are over 800 references to the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.  To a lesser degree references are made to the states of Illinois, Ohio, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Vermont, and provide either the place of birth, place of death, or residence.  Abstracts include information from obituaries, letters written to and published in the newspapers as well as military dispatches, reports from the frontier and death notices that appeared in other newspapers.  Census, mortality schedules and county histories were also consulted as supplemental sources.  Paperback, 271 pages, surname index, slave name index. 

Marriage and Death Notices from the "South Western Baptist" Newspaper published 1995.  Marriage and death notices were submitted to this newspaper from all over the South.  Researchers will love the abundance of information contained in the abstracts, which are arranged chronologically in the text.  Of particular interest are the newspaper's Civil War obituaries, which provide accounts of battles as well as insight into family life during the war.  In addition to the couples' names and the dates and locations of their marriages, marriage notices generally include their places of residence and the names of their parents and presiding clergymen.  Regularly included in death notices are places, dates, and causes of deaths, as well as family names (including maiden names), dates and places of births and baptisms, places of residence, church memberships, and military accounts.  The earliest birth date contained is these notices is 1758.  Paperback, 223 pages, surname index.  

Miscellaneous Alabama Newspaper Abstracts - Volume 1 published 1995.  Includes abstracts from central Alabama newspapers published during the years 1823 through 1869 in the counties of Dallas, Green, and Talladega.  However, the genealogical information found within the notices are by no means limited to central Alabama.  Many notices include the surrounding counties of Perry, Autauga, Wilcox, Bibb, Sumter, Montgomery, Shelby, and Tuscaloosa.  Abstracts consist of marriages, death, legal and slave notices, advertisements, and a great number of names in lists of letters left unclaimed in the local post offices.  Paperback, 256 pages, surname index, slave name index.